Base + Payroll

Base + Payroll

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Experience the fast and accurate payroll processing with Base+ Payroll Module of OHRMS. The module helps in simplifying every data related to employee attendance, leaves, monthly salary information, bonuses, tax, deduction, and more. The Base+Payroll module stores and tracks every employee information–from Managers to recently joined.

           The modules gets with features running


  •  Payroll

  •   Payroll-Payslip Reporting

  •  Bio-metric Integration

  •  Mass mailing on Attendees

  •  Leave Management

  •  Employee Shift Management

 Employee Branch Transfer


  •  Employee Gratuity Settlement

  •   Employee Resignation

  •  Loan Management

  •  HR Salary Advance

  •  Vacation Management

  •  Saudi GOSI Contribution

 Employee History


  •  Custody

  •   Employee Appraisal

  •  Legal Actions

  •  Disciplinary Tracking

  •  Employee Background Verification

  •  HR Organizational Chart

 Up to 50 users